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Infamous Network

For over eighteen years the artists of Infamous Network have worked to create top quality, unique, inspiring artwork....

The Philosophy

Infamous Network began in the spring of 1996, as Infamous Illustrious. we were two young independent artists (Jon and Jeff) from Michigan, who found ourselves in the hills of northern Arizona inspired by a dream of creatively expressing ideas we discovered along our journey. Within months we were collaborating together with hopes of earning a living, and a little respect as independent artists with inspiring ideas ...

(We chose the name Infamous Illustrious symbolically, to point out that the notorious character of the infamous and the esteemed character of the illustrious live together within each of us. Be wary of those who would define what or who is infamous or illustrious for you though, we will always encourage you to think for yourself.

We will continue to be independent artists making and selling Root Concepts stickers with your support, because we believe that by putting positive, thoughtful ideas into the world we help to create positive change with peaceful means. Freedom of expression is a First Amendment Right in the U.S.A. but is only useful if exercised.

Over the past eighteen years, the independent artists of Infamous Network have worked hard to bring you inspiring artwork with a focus on creative and free thought, spirituality, a healthy diet, and a political voice.

The Story

In 1995, Infamous Illustrious was still a dream, and after months of brainstorming inspiring ideas and sharing a love of philosophy and creativity, we spent the year compiling our first designs and much of the summer traveling around the west coast hitting shows like the Grateful Dead and Beastie Boys with our first couple of designs, " never better " and " celebrate diversity ".

Infamous Illustrious started as a grassroots effort in 1996 with the mailing of our first catalog. In that first year we grew slowly but surely with the help of many road trips and phone calls. However, after a failed attempt at a T Shirt line in 1997, things were looking pretty bleak. Through much perseverance and determination, and a growing collection of inspiring ideas in the sticker line, we were able to get back on our feet. By the fall of 1999 we had developed what has become our signature line, the mini stickers... and it didn't take the mini stickers very long to be embraced by several distributors and rep companies.

Then, in 2000, Jon moved to Los Angeles. With work now being done in two places, we thought it appropriate to change Infamous Illustrious to Infamous Network. Infamous Network also fit well with our idea that you and anyone who supports the ideas we put into the world is a part of the Network. Along with the new business name of Infamous Network, we decided to name the line of stickers Root Concepts, because we believe our ideas inspire at a root level, and many of our ideas are very basic but still pertinent to everyday life.

Since Then

  • With the addition of a circle sticker line in 2004, and wire rack displays for retail stores around the country, Infamous Network continues to enjoy success on many levels. Over the past 18 years we have sold Root Concepts stickers to many Health Food Stores and Co-ops, New Age Bookstores, Head Shops, Import and Gift Stores, Churches, and Political Groups around the country and abroad.

  • In 2007 we updated our equipment and started making FULL COLOR and contour cut stickers. The new printers and cutters have allowed us to stretch the limits of what we can create as a sticker, and we have considerably improved the graphic quality of many of our designs. It has been inspiring to work without the limitations of silkscreen...

  • in 2008 we developed an irresistible line of soothing lip balm, made with only the best organic and natural ingredients.

  • In 2012 we came out with a new catalog, updated the Root Concepts line, made the NeverBetter website easier to use, and expanded our social networking. we also introduced a line of canvas prints, art posters and bamboo & hemp greeting cards.

Every design you see on our site is an original Root Concepts design created and produced by the artists of Infamous Network. You may see our stickers sold many other places, but this is where it all originates!

Support independent ART!

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