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Fast Food Is Junk Small Bumper Sticker

See, nows the time of the meal when you start getting the McStomach ache. You start getting the McTummy. You get the McGurgles in there. You get the McBrick, then you get the McStomach ache. Right now Ive got some McGas thats rockin. My arms... I feel like Ive got some McSweats goin. My arms got the McTwitches going in here from all the sugar thats going in my body right now. Im feeling a little McCrazy. -Morgan Spurlock in Superize Me [while consuming a double quarter-pounder supersize meal]

I consumed over thirty pounds of sugar. Thats an average of a pound of sugar a day. -Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock is the director of (and the above quotes are from) a movie we highly recommend called Supersize Me

Fast Food Is Junk Sticker Colors: Yellow Text On Red Background
Fast Food Is Junk Sticker Dimensions: 1.5 x 5.5 inches

Fast Food Is Junk Stickers are an inspiring idea with long lasting value.

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