Irie Vibe - Small Bumper Sticker


Irie Vibe -  Rasta Small Bumper Sticker

Irie Vibe is another way to say and spread the Postive Vibration . Our Rasta stickers are inspired by the irie Rastafarian artists from Jamaica. As the legend of Rasta man Bob Marley grows and his message of love reaches further into the consciousness of all who hear it, it is clear to see that Bob Marley is one of the greatest non-violent revolutionaries for peace of all time .

With the help of the Wailers , Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer amongst many others, the positive vibration of Bob Marley love and reggae music has become an irie force for change.

Irie Vibe Rasta Decal Colors: Green, Yellow, and Red text on Black background

Irie Vibe Sticker Dimensions: 1.5 x 5.5 inches

We encourage all to listen to the irie words and rasta music of the prophet Bob Marley love one love. This Irie Vibe sticker is dedicated to the people out there with the positive vibration . Keep it IRIE ...

Irie Vibe Sticker is a high quality inspiring idea with long lasting value and one of our best selling rasta stickers

One Love !!!

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