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It’s never getting better

It’s never been better


I had better begin by saying that it will never fit in a box… Never better

It’s not complex, but still a paradox, A

collection, a collaboration, a manifestation calibration

A cleansing affirmation with a myriad application

An allowance, an acceptance, a wink and a smile

Another day, another way, another shade of gray, another mile…

An attitude projected of awareness and response

A deeply held devotion to the mental renaissance…

A philosophy of dignity to spread throughout creation

A deluge of discovery, a deliberate salvation


In every step been trod upon throughout the earth traverse

The opposite of Never Better is assuredly,

‘always worse’…


It’s never getting better

Than it is right now, sharing this moment holding eternity, this

Infinitely wonder with me, marveling about what was, what is, and what is meant to be

But, predicting what is next? It’s anyone’s guess what to make of this mess, so

Evict every narrative opaquely future trippin… do me a favor, apply behavior that shows you are a grippin the invitation of true divine connection,

It’s down @ the crossroads, you know, that poignant intersection

To get acquainted with the comings and goings of diversity, learn the strength in vulnerable fragility and the ability to see differently

“You don’t get it back,” says reality…

No, you can’t go back and you can’t stand still…

You had better know that never…is when you have time to kill…

Celebrate then the Never Better now.


Is a cold and it’s a broken, hallelujah!

The lows are the highs, the highs are the joys and sorrows and laughing and gnashing…

Embracing this fullness, never better bliss mixed up and tangled

And blended with splendidly messy and mangled

Intimately intertwined, reminded always of change, the sunshine and the pain,

This brokenness, this beautiful unknowable mystery, this striving for all out complete authenticity

This grief of loss and gratitude for scars… this whirling, twirling destiny of a future that may be ours, with no guarantee…

Between you and me, intuitively… the only guarantee…

Is the chance at never better now, whenever now may be.

It’s never getting better, it’s never been better.