Stand With Flint Combo Pack



‘Stand With Flint’ combo pack includes all 3 stickers included in the ‘Stand With Flint’ Sticker Campaign and gives you a great chance to show the world you stand in solidarity with the people of Flint!

These stickers are being sold as a fundraiser for the people of Flint, Michigan. All proceeds from the sales of these stickers will go directly toward giving aid to people on the ground in Flint.

It is absolutely unacceptable how the people of Flint have been treated under the governance of Gov. Rick Snyder. A failure of this magnitude demands accountability and an emergency of this scope demands immediate action!


Please read our entire ‘Stand With Flint’ Sticker Campaign blog post to learn more, here is an excerpt:

We feel passionately about helping the people of Flint in three ways:

– To supply residents of Flint with resources to carry on the fight for dignity and justice, and as well to do our part to deliver clean water to the residents of Flint so they may retain their health and well being. We share common humanity, and when some of us suffer, we all suffer.

– To continue to call attention to and raise awareness of the injustice that has happened to the town of Flint. The greed, the lies, and the utter indifference to the lives of fellow human beings is appalling and must be thoroughly corrected.

– Through the combination of a donation and a symbol, we hope to connect in a humanizing way the people of Flint and individuals from all over who stand in solidarity with them!

…Add your voice to those who want to see Flint get back on its feet and hold those responsible accountable by helping to continue the fight raising awareness of the failures of the Michigan government and the sub par treatment of their citizens!

We will be heading to Flint in July to deliver water and any additional funds raised from this sticker campaign to show our support, and offer aid to those who will inevitably still need it.





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