I t’s not easy to wake up every day and put on the hat of an independent artist, but it is perhaps one of the most rewarding ways to live life. The fullness of experiencing the highs and lows on our journey has built our character and brought us to this point, and, as our original mission to ‘encourage free expression’ continues to blossom in ways we never could have imagined, we continue to recognize that the role of the Independent Artist has never been more important.

I n a world full of superficial fluff and distraction it is with renewed vigor and the support of those who value what we do that we press on, determined to provide ROOT CONCEPTS high quality Independent Art in spite of the odds that have always been stacked…  It’s been a great ride so far!

Get To Know The Creators of Root Concepts

Here's Our Story:
Jeff Daverman

Jeff Daverman

Jon Vander Pol

Jon Vander Pol

Scott Rahilly

Scott Rahilly


1997_booth_setupAfter traveling the country for a few years selling their artwork on posters, frisbees and stickers, independent artists Jeff Daverman and Jon Vander Pol formed a creative partnership, now known as Infamous Network, and begin to create a line of artwork, now called Root Concepts. After purchasing a used silkscreen press in the summer of 1995, they start printing the first stickers in the fall, and on April 20, 1996, the original sticker catalog with the first 30 sticker designs was mailed. Scott Rahilly, another Grand Rapids, Michigan native living in Prescott, Arizona joins the artist collective in September of 1996.


18_peg_display_original_photoThe small bumper sticker line and their original sticker display is launched and well received, becoming a huge success. The branding of ROOT CONCEPTS is officially adopted and by this time many of the top 40 designs are already created and established. Jon moves to San Diego and with Scott living in Hawaii, Jeff takes over full time ownership and responsibility from this point forward.

While many of the stickers that launched Root Concepts are still in production today, hundreds more have joined in the mix. Our latest stickers are always well received and anticipated. Adding more thought provoking sentiments and truths with our unique flavor of art, we seek to do our part in putting art that speaks out into the world and hopefully, inspire an expanded awareness of what important today. Want to see what we’ve been up to? Check out our latest designs!

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54SlotDisplayFinalThe business expands with the development and launch of the wire rack displays and the small bumper sticker and mini sticker lines are solidified as the most successful lines the company offers. Jeff and wife Beth Rossi anchor the business by building Never Better Art Studio in the back yard of their property to operate from.

Root Concepts stickers gains in popularity, selling to many Health Food Stores, Co-ops, New Age Bookstores, Head Shops, Import and Gift Shops, Churches, and Political Groups around the country and abroad.




Mandala Spherize StickerBeth’s father, Ray Rossi, helps invest in the purchase of digital printing equipment and Custom Sticker Makers (CSM) is born. The digital and custom printing side of the business allows for a substantial expansion in creativity with the capability to print full color and cut stickers to any shape.CSM-LOGO

Our greatest satisfaction comes when we can connect with and collaborate with like-minded businesses and organizations. We are proud to support your goals too and Custom Sticker Makers allows us to do just that! Check us out and let us help you put your message out into the world!

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Exported From MichiganThe business settles into its current location and proceeds to work on expanding both the artistic and custom printing sides. Since 2000, Jeff has been the primary artist creating new Root Concepts art, evolving and adding to the brand by developing a line of mandalas and abstract art called ‘The Doodlesphere’, currently offered on a variety of products.

By 2012 Jon is in the middle of directing Exported From Michigan, a documentary film on Michigan’s comeback. Jeff is part of the collaboration, earning a producer credit on the film. It will go on to win Best Documentary honors at three of the seven film festivals it’s shown in.

(be sure to check out the trailer by clicking the image or link above)


Root-Concepts-2016-Product-Catalog-CoverRoot Concepts is Never Better and going strong, with millions of pieces sold all time and new artwork debuting in this catalog and regularly on Neverbetter.com. Jeff and Beth are staying busy running Infamous Network and CSM with the help of a great team. 20 years in business is allowing Jeff to pursue a new venture coming soon focusing on NonViolent Revolutionaries, as well as spending time creating art daily at the Never Better Studio. Jon is working in his organic garden while getting ready to make another documentary film. Scott is running Durango Book Rescue, redistributing free books in SW Colorado along with working several film festivals in the Four Corners area.