…About Root Concepts

Independent art…by and for the people.

ROOT CONCEPTS are positive, progressive, uplifting ideas produced, stuck and worn to promote freedom of expression, healthy living, a political voice, the beauty of nature, love, spirituality and the eternally present moment….

In the summer of 2007 we acquired a new digital printer and plotter which has allowed us to take the graphic quality of our designs to the next level. We are now able to print FULL COLOR artwork and cut them out in virtually any shape imaginable! Those of you familiar with our line will notice improvements to many of our designs as well as many new full color stickers to choose from.  all of our stickers, with the exception of our clear stickers, are printed in house here in Arizona…. THIS MEANS THAT ALL OF OUR MINI STICKERS AND BUMPER STICKERS ARE PRINTED IN THE U.S.A.!

Our Stickers are printed on a high quality, 4 mm glossy vinyl material. This material is waterproof with a permanent adhesive. The inks we use for printing are eco-solvent, and do not emit harmful chemical fumes into the work environment or the atmosphere, and they are the newest (and environmentally friendliest) inks available. We also recycle all of our empty ink cartridges and scrap vinyl, and cardboard packaging to reduce our footprint on Mother Earth.

We currently have over 300 unique sticker designs to choose from:

– Small Bumper Stickers (5 1/2 x 2.5 in.) $2.00 ea.

– Mini Stickers ( 3 in. ) $2.00 ea.

– Full-Size Bumper Stickers (10 1/2 x 3 1/2 in.etc.) $ 4.00 ea.

– an assortment of Clearance Stickers and original screen printed classics

All Natural Lip Balm- We have developed an irresistible line of soothing lip balm, made with only the best organic and natural ingredients. Made With organic hemp seed oil, organic castor oil, palm oil, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil, and five different flavors to choose from, each tube features a best selling ROOT CONCEPTS design.

Clothing – We are dedicated to offering you a great selection of apparel which not only features your favorite ROOT CONCEPTS designs, but also keeps the environment in mind with our large selection of organic apparel. Our new and expanded collection is printed using a direct to garment printing process, which greatly reduces the amount of waste.

Wholesale pricing is available; for current availability and pricing please contact customer service at 800-313-5463 or email us at info@neverbetter.com

Gallery Prints and Art Posters – Our designs look awesome in larger formats as well. Similar to our selection of sticker sizes, our gallery prints and art posters can fit on almost anywhere, as their sizes range from 3.5”x3.5” matted paper prints, to 16”x20” canvas prints and art posters.

Eco Friendly Cards – Infamous Network now brings you a line of recycled hemp greeting cards, printed with some of our most popular designs. Not a single tree was cut down to produce these cards. Our hemp greeting cards are made from 25% hemp and 75% post – consumer waste fiber. The accompanying envelopes are made from the same eco-friendly materials, and measure 7” x 5”.

Pick the design that moves you, and no matter which ROOT CONCEPTS product you purchase, we thank you for choosing to support independent art!


“We would like to thank all folks who support us by buying Root Concepts stickers, especially all the true believers from back in the day who knew us when we were Infamous Illustrious.”


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