We love to create these customer spotlights because we’re genuinely excited to work with and supply wholesalers who do truly unique things with their businesses. Clayote studios is one of those customers that truly empowers the community to become comfortable as both artists as well as people, and we’d like to spread the word about what Dani Fisher and Stephane Leon are doing here in their local community.



What is Clayote Studios?


Clayote Studios is a community art studio that is open to the public!

They offer pottery wheel lessons, clay classes, painting classes, birthday parties, adult parties, corporate functions, community events, and more!

All our Clayote’s staff are artists and compassionate for the community in which they live in and it shows in the way their classes and functions are structured. They’re fun, exciting and cuase you to celebrate your creative spirit–even if you don’t think you have one!




Clayote Studios is headed up by Dani Fisher and Stephane Leon–both independent artists with a mission to

spread the word that everyone is and can be an artist. Here’s a little background on why Dani does what she does:

“Since the times of cavemen, we have been painting on walls to tell the next people that come along what we were doing, where we got our food, what the weather was like, and what we believed. One of the saddest things I have ever heard is when a person says, ‘ Oh, I’m not an artist,’ or ‘I have zero creativity’. It’s even worse when they say it about someone else in their family. We are all artists, and we all have strengths and weaknesses in our ways of creating. Weather you are an accountant, an actor, a chef, a painter, a teacher, or a port-a-potty cleaner, you have art within you and as my grandfather always told me, a hidden talent is a wasted one.”

 -Dani Fisher





Here’s how you can get in touch with Clayote Studios:  

8198 Spouse Dr, Prescott Valley, AZ 86314


Hours of Operation

Wednesday 11AM–5PM

Thursday 11AM–9PM

Friday 11AM–5PM

Saturday 11AM–9PM

Sunday 1–5PM

Monday Closed

Tuesday Closed