Wall Mounted Displays

Our wall displays are perfect for any store wanting to display stickers on a wall or other flat vertical area. Each display will work with pegboard or slat wall and also has holes for screws.  We offer different options of wall displays to meet the different needs of our customers.  Our 30 slot wall display holds 30 Small Bumper sticker designs and is well suited for a larger rectangular wall space.Our 15 slot Small Bumper Sticker wall display and our 22 slot 3" Mini  sticker display work very well in tight vertical spaces, square footage that isn’t currently turning a profit…but will with these vertical displays!Our 16 slot large Bumper sticker display comes free with selection of 16 designs from our bumper sticker line.These displays are only available with an order of enough ROOT CONCEPTS
stickers to fill the displays! With all due respect, we are artists,
not sticker display salespersons.

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