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“Factory Farming Makes Me Sick” Small Bumper Sticker | Sticker Approx. 5.5″ x 1.5″

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“Factory Farming Makes Me Sick” Small Bumper Sticker

ROOT CONCEPTS progressive Small Bumper Stickers measure approx. 5.5 x 1.5” inches and are printed on high quality outdoor vinyl.

Our bumper stickers encourage freedom of speech, a healthy diet, a political voice, and the beauty of nature and spirituality. Let the world hear your voice with one of these bumper stickers!

These food stickers send a
clear message to the masses: wake up to where your food comes from!
With corporate fast food chains dotting the landscape, factory farming
of meat has become big business, and for millions of people worldwide,
it’s “what’s for dinner.”   But factory farming of animals
offers cheap food at the price of our health and humanity, oftentimes
confining livestock to extreme overcrowding and a lifetime of poor sanitary
conditions and suffering. Personally, we don’t think that sounds very
appetizing–and it’s not very good for the environment, either. (Factory
farms are notorious polluters.)

These food stickers aren’t
just anti-factory farming–they’re a thumbs up for free-range, family
run, humane farming practices. Humane farming means raising animals
in a healthy traditional farming environment, free from over-crowding
and unnecessary antibiotics.


Support sustainable LOCAL free-range
farming and family farms by sporting these food stickers!  There
are humane farming alternatives to the factory farming of animals–and
they’re better for animals, humans AND the environment. 

“If any kid ever realized
what was involved in factory farming they would never touch meat again.
I was so moved by the intelligence, sense of fun and personalities of
the animals I worked with on Babe that by the end of the film I was
a vegetarian.” 
— Cromwell,
James (English actor, Babe)

“Since factory farming exerts
a violent and unnatural force upon the living organisms of animals and
birds in order to increase production and profits; since it involves
callous and cruel exploitation of life, with implicit contempt for nature,
I must join in the protest being uttered against it. It does not seem
that these methods have any really justifiable purpose, except to increase
the quantity of production at the expense of quality–if that can be
called a justifiable purpose.”

— Merton, Thomas
(monk and poet)

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