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“Green Thumb” Small Bumper Sticker | Sticker Approx. 5.5″ x 1.5″

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“Green Thumb” Small Bumper Sticker

ROOT CONCEPTS progressive Small Bumper Stickers measure approx. 5.5 x 1.5” inches and are printed on high quality outdoor vinyl.

Our bumper stickers encourage freedom of speech, a healthy diet, a political voice, and the beauty of nature and spirituality. Let the world hear your voice with one of these bumper stickers!

Looking for some fun garden
stickers? Forget the pruning and fertilizing–it’s all about the green
thumb! Garden magic is that little “something extra” that puts certain
gardens–and certain gardeners–over the top.

These green thumb garden stickers
are a tribute to all those ‘green thumb’ garden lovers out there with
their hands in the dirt, working hard to produce the delicious, organic,
life-sustaining food (and other treats) we all love!   


My green thumb came only as a result
of the mistakes I made while learning to see things from the plant’s
point of view.  ~H. Fred Ale

Gardening requires lots of water –
most of it in the form of perspiration.  ~Lou Erickson

“No occupation is so delightful
to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that
of the garden.”– Thomas Jefferson

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