Rasta Stickers Combo Pack – Small Bumper and Mini Stickers | 511, 304, 143, 157, 217, 158, 159, 180


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These cool rasta stickers are for anyone with love in their heart for Bob Marley and the Rastafarian path.

Vinyl stickers include:

Rasta Snail (511)

Rasta Lion (304)

Judah Lion (143)

Roots Power (157)

Positive (217)

Irie Vibe (158)

Jah Works In Mysterious Ways (159)

Nonviolent Rasta (180)

Positive, powerful statements…Rasta Stickers combo pack is a great way to share and spread them positive vibrations! Keep it irie rasta with this 8 pack of high quality outdoor small bumper & mini stickers. One Love! Red, Green, and Gold!