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Any Root Concepts design can be printed on a t-shirt!

We use modern technology to bring the future of garment printing to
you. Our direct to garment printers have the highest print quality of
any shirt or garment printing technology, and they are also the most
environmentally responsible way to print. Super accurate ink jet
technology uses just the ink needed to apply a perfect image, and with
no screens to make or clean we use almost no cleaners or solvents.
Designs look best on white shirts since there is no white ink with this
process, except for the seven designs listed on black shirts above.

Organic Cotton t-shirts are made by American Apparel.

Mix and Match any designs in our catalog with any available shirt color.

How to order:
1.) Choose a design from any Root Concepts Designs around the site. (Add the name and model # in the space next to "Name of Design")
2.) Choose 100% Cotton T-shirt -OR- Organic Cotton T-shirt (plus $2.50)
3.) Select a size
4.) Choose color options under only one of the three dropdowns: Men’s, Women’s or Youth’s.

**These designs are also available on BLACK T-shirts:

Namaste – s148
Simplify – s150
My Friends Kick Ass – s210
Love > Fear – s225
God Bless The Freaks – s140
Smuggler – s290
Neverbetter – s300