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I’d Rather Own a
Sling and a Stone Than Stock in a Corporate Giant
– Mini Sticker

The latest string of corporate
scandals underscores an important point: the giants of Wall Street have
not had our best interest at heart. Political stickers like this speak
to the perennial truth that the high and mighty will be brought low
and the humble prevail.

From corporate scandals involving
predatory loans to cases of environmental destruction that seldom makes
the news, much of corporate America’s actions are destructive and
deserving of being brought down.  This is one of our political
stickers that takes a bold look at today’s headlines through the lens
of ancient wisdom.

A way of life based on conscious
capitalism is possible.  People like Amory and Hunter Lovins at
the Rocky Mountain Institute and Paul Hawken are leaders in this movement.
Together, these economic and political visionaries are leading the way
in bringing green and socially conscious economic values into the mainstream.

These political stickers are
for anyone who’s sick of the latest corporate scandals and ready to
make real change in the economic system. Small, targeted actions can
have a big effect! This is why, in times like this, it’s better to
own a sling and a stone than stock in a corporate giant.

I’d Rather Own a
Sling and a Stone Than Stock in a Corporate Giant
sticker dimensions: 2.5″ x 3″

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