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The symbols in this design celebrate Islam, Hinduism, Judism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Native American belief systems.

This design was created with pen and ink. The background is watercolor and india ink mixed glue.

Our Greeting Card line is printed on a Recycled/Hemp blend and features all original ROOT CONCEPTS designs.

The size of all of our greeting cards is 4.25??? x 5.5???. (just big enough to include a mini sticker)

We believe in using resources like hemp and recycled paper as opposed to cutting down more trees for our line.

This is a great item for a conscious consumer, a beautiful piece of art printed on paper that seeks to conserve natural resources

Because we encourage you to think for yourself, the inside of our greeting cards are blank, leaving you to say whatever you want

Express yourself on HEMP!.

All greeting cards include envelope.

World Religion is also available as a circle sticker.

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