unify_primary_logo_highresOur friends at Unify.org have teamed up with the United Nations (yes, that United Nations) to offer the first ever International Day of Yoga…

You are invited to be a part of The Yoga Day Summit happening this Sunday on the Summer Solstice, June 21st… invite your friends and join us in the unification of mindfulness on the mat, align with yoga practitioners around the globe in a coordinated, peaceful practice!


The theme of the event, ‘From Ancient Roots To Modern Transformation‘, speaks to the value of the age old practice of yoga being felt in a worldwide awakening of people practicing, and the collective energy of practitioners contributing to harmony and the evolution of human consciousness. Now, the Yoga Day Summit is looking to harness that energy from the inside out…


The event is FREE to sign up, participating may leave you even more free…

Join us on Sunday, June 21st, and feel the OM!

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