The world in which we live includes a constant ebb and flow of positive and negative energy affecting our movements in this life. Some go through life being overwhelmed and tossed around by these tides, but we know through our practice of presence, that we control the path of our day, and the direction of our future.

Peace Meditations

unify_primary_logo_highresThis weekend, September 19-21, our friends at are marking the advent of the World Peace Weekend. It’s 3 days of synchronized global meditation and intentional social action for the purpose of blanketing peace and love across our world. This is your chance to take part in producing a swell of positive, good energy in your community that will help to benefit the entire planet. So if you’re new to meditation or have simply gotten too busy to remember how to slow down, take this time to allow yourself to grasp onto one idea, one chakra.

Your Beautiful Chakras

Your chakras are what guide you as you strive to change the flow of energy inside your body and ultimately, within the world. Consider your life, and choose a chakra to meditate on that will produce the most peace inside yourself so that this weekend, you can lift that peace up with millions of other people in unison.


We Choose The Heart

We choose today, to focus on a wellspring of love, joy, compassion, and warmth this weekend. Understand that love is the ultimate healing force. If you need a little guidance as you begin to calm your mind for this weekend of global meditation, let us offer up the heart chakra as a way to help you focus your peace into the universe. When we focus on sending good energy into our heart chakra, we allow ourselves to send  love, kindness, and compassion outward to those who need it.

Always Take Time

The idea of the world taking part in a global meditation is a beautiful thing. It will spread and grow through the years, making the world more full of deep love. Hamsa_HandThis idea of sending peace across the world is something that you can do on a daily basis. It’s a simple act that affects souls, even if you never directly see the results of your focused meditation on peace and good energy.

That’s okay, what’s important is that you remember to take time each day with intentional meditation and mindfulness for the peace that the world so desperately needs. The Hamsa is here to help us as a physical sign of our power to change our world.

It represents the interplay of the chakras and always reminds us to combine our energies through the use of the mudras to positively affect the world around us. Find your peace this weekend as we come together as one to meditate on the power and possibilities that it has to change our world for the better.

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