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(a reminder)

In every moment, GRATITUDE

Forget the farce and platitudes

Align instead your attitude

To all vibrations positive

Rejecting fear, and pledge to live

A life whose wealth is what you give,

A heart whose health… imperative

May wisdom guide the narrative

Through all this present lucid dreaming

The universe not so gently screaming,

“Appreciation, Consideration, Empathy and Compassion

These are the things you do not have to ration!”

Transcendent egos called to action

The law of love is gaining traction

Heed the call, oh Mortal Conduit!

Feel the flow and know to roll with it

Feed the soul, let go the bullshit

Cut those ties and recognize the lies

The illusion of separateness

Is but a disguise

When you see through

that what’s true has been defaced

Negativity displaced, the need for violence erased

And when there is space to ponder grace

Yourself reflected in another one’s face…

Yourself reflected in another one’s face

The place to embrace simultaneously

To agree to see common humanity

To share the same air and dare to be

Inspired by the mystery

Beyond him or her or them or me

In order to be free we already hold the key

Applying awareness on the conscious frontier

With a deep understanding that love is greater than fear

Empowering voices and subsequent choices

This guidance is strident and abundantly clear!

With no reservations, this revelation’s

A distinguished creation of reciprocation

Shout it out, I’ll say it to every nation,

“Your behavior is your best illustration.”

By being the light in the night of unknowing

With hope as the scope of consciousness glowing

Harvesting love from the seeds that we sow,

Nonviolent Revolution continues to grow

Nonviolent Revolution continues to grow

Nonviolent Revolution continues to grow!

This poem is dedicated to Nonviolent Revolutionaries past and present.

Making a studio version of this poem was a fun collaboration! This track was created to enjoy, share, and proliferate the positive vibrations, so please acquire the MP3 by clicking the ‘FREE DOWNLOAD’ button at the top of this page. Thank you!

Special thanks to ComMUSIKey, Jonathan Best, and Aaron McKinley for their creative contributions.

Below is the debut live performance of this poem from March 2016 at The Beastro in Prescott, AZ.