Live @ The Beastro 4/12/17


To come to understanding
You have got to want to know
And initiate the growing
To move beyond that flat plateau

Because you cannot learn from
What you don’t want to see…

Now, I’m a straight white male
Without a doubt, lucky to be…
Born to abundant privilege
But still a refugee
Is the cult I had to flee

Around age 20 I broke free
Immersed into the mystery
Questioned answers to the Nth degree
As they say, the rest is history
But it’s still being cultivated
Most likely
Not indoctrinated
Skillfully translated as
Emancipated from mental slavery
Because Amazing grace,
it ain’t just sweet
It’s got a bit of savory!

This road as such is bound to be
A path replete with treachery
Still chasing but not catching me
Purposefully stretching thee

Calling out them phony Pharisee
And money changers
In the temple
The collusion of exclusion
Is delusion, plain and simple

Thank you, Jesus
But I don’t need you to save me
Heaven is right here and now
Connecting us through poetry

Eternity is presently…

Though you are free to disagree
Perhaps maybe you’ll see
An epiphany of clarity
Inside this blasphemy

And accept the invitation
To escape indoctriNATION
Equality assimilation the
Mental migration destination

No time for stagnation
Especially when it’s looking bleak
Now more than ever
Blessed are the peacemakers
And Blessed are the meek
Blessed are the merciful who turn the other cheek
Blessed are the pure in heart and mystics who still seek

Do this for the least of these, the downtrodden and the weak
With blessings to the most of these
Because blessed are the freaks!

You know
When Love’s what you’re about
Truest metaphors suffice
And although there’s
Nothing wrong with doubt
I’ll be taking this advice

‘Love your neighbor as yourself’

When this is emphasized
We give unto each other
A love that will arise

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