Root-Concepts-MAP-12-14Did You Know that Root Concepts Progressive Art And Stickers Are Sold In Stores Throughout The Country?

At Infamous Network our mission is to inspire critical thinking and connection through independent art with our line of Root Concepts stickers. The primary way we have succeeded in doing this over the past 18+ years is by working with retail stores and distributors both near and far who carry Root Concepts. Whether a natural food store or co-op, head shop, gift shop, yoga studio, or metaphysical book store, our resellers are some of the finest in the country. Because this network is critical to advancing a higher a level of consciousness, we think it’s only appropriate to spread the love by pointing you in the direction of the establishments that share in the same ideals you’ll find on  It is important to us that the stores who carry Root Concepts stickers be supported by the local communities they are a part of!

We’re Expanding & Reaching Out

Root Concepts resellers span a wide variety of stores across the country who, like you, value inspirational, progressive art and messages while each having their own unique and noteworthy mission. We wanted to put them on the map for you, whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to the Root Concepts line, you’ll be excited to learn that we’ve created a store locator page for you to be able to find the store in your area! It’s a continually growing work in progress, so be sure to check back for updates… Don’t see a store in your area? Please let us know what store you think should carry Root Concepts stickers!

Vendor Spotlight: A Deeper Connection

Authentic Connection...Priceless Small Bumper Sticker

We want you to get to know our resellers better. The mix of stores and people who resell Root Concepts are a beautiful tapestry, a wonderful blend, an amazing mix… they are the rich soil that allows Root Concepts independent art to grow and be sustained. Who are they? Where are they? What are they about? It is an insightful story all its own…


Coming soon! Beginning with Terrapin Station in Buffalo, NY, we are thrilled to begin featuring our tapestry of resellers from around the U.S and Canada on our blog, ‘The Word’. Featured stores will have a dedicated profile page in our ‘Vendor Spotlight’, giving you a special look at who they are, what their unique mission is, and where they’re located so you can visit them in person! We are honored and proud to work with so many small business of integrity who are doing great things in their local communities.

Stay tuned! We’re in the building phase. We invite you to check back to see who’s been added to the map and who’s been featured!

Note to Resellers: If you’re an active reseller and not currently on the map, please email info@neverbetter or call us (800)313-5363 and we’ll be sure to make sure you’re featured too!