InfamousFooterNewsletter-01Root Concepts Artist, Jeff Daverman, announces the launch and Grand Re-Opening of, a progressive art and sticker website that compels people to share their voice and challenge conventional thinking in the areas of sustainability, oneness and conscious living.

“In a world dominated by the drone of Corporate Media there has never been a more important time to be an Independent Artist. Independent Art is fueled by unique perspectives and diversity, it is made to inspire and to connect. While Corporate Media seeks to drown out, homogenize, lull to sleep and exploit you as a mindless consumer, the Independent Artists of Infamous Network continue to work hard; encouraging you to think for yourself, express yourself, and be yourself…”

Over the past 18 years Root Concepts has sold stickers to many Health Food Stores and Co-ops, New Age Bookstores, Head Shops, Import and Gift Stores, Churches, and Political Groups around the country and abroad. With the launch of their new website, their goal is to streamline their customer’s experience, inspire thought and action and encourage engagement in a meaningful way.

“We will continue to be independent artists making and selling Root Concepts stickers with your support, because we believe that by putting positive, thoughtful ideas into the world we help to create positive change with peaceful means. Freedom of expression is a First Amendment Right in the U.S.A. but is only useful if exercised. Over the past eighteen years, the independent artists of Infamous Network have worked hard to bring you inspiring artwork with a focus on creative and free thought, spirituality, a healthy diet, and a political voice.”

Root Concepts has over 300 unique sticker designs to choose from in an assortment of sizes. They also carry organic lip balm with best selling Root Concepts designs, organic apparel, gallery prints, art posters and eco-friendly cards.