Conscious Content Is The Seed Of Change

I don’t think I need to tell you just how much pointless content is being perpetuated out there in the world in our news sources, especially with the presidential candidates here in the U.S. that continue to sling insults and slander between one another. It’s a frustrating time for Americans and feels like a waste of time for everyone else with so many currently pressing issues. If you’re someone who feels the same way, listen up, this post is important, because by taking a few minutes to listen to what our friend Prince Ea has to say in his latest video, you will have watched something that is truly meaningful, and I want you to understand the power here of his art and how it is being used to effect major social change in the world with 1.2 million views and counting. Take a look…


That’s powerful stuff! We are stoked to see Prince Ea shed some light on these major education and social issues that need attention. What he does so well with many of his videos is to deepen in behind the issues of school systems, politics, or the environment to effectively expose that we are really dealing with. That is the issue of strengthening our bonds as a common humanity and recognizing that how we treat each other is what matters most. With so much deception and misinformation out on the internet and in the media designed to separate and segregate us, it’s time that we join together to reject this and focus instead on coming together to recognize and share in our collective interests. Beginning with environmental awareness and universal human rights, we have a lot of work to do…

Just like Prince Ea says, we must: “… focus on collaboration, not competition.” We share this truth, the idea that “We Are One” in this world, and the illusion that we are somehow separate from each other is evidence that we are being tricked to believe a lie. It’s time to combat this illusion, and repudiate the hate with the art form that is unique to us. While Prince Ea uses speech and rhyme, we use visual art, responding to the harshness of the world with bold creativity and a beauty intended to foster hope.

Prince Ea Sorry

Big ups to Jacob Devaney for catching this moment of the man himself with one of our best selling stickers “We Are One“.

Create And Participate

So I want to ask you, what’s the art that you use to participate in this important time? Is it poetry? Visual Art? Music? Dance? All of these things are pure in their form, and they’re important because they show us who we are and want to be with their honest expressions of truth. They add to the conversation by contributing to the collective story of what it is to be human. Your expression matters, find your voice! Never let it be weakened by fear or complacency. Let who you are and what you believe be known to those around you. Begin to understand that your art is a key to affecting social change in a world inundated with negativity and hate and be the light that drives out the darkness of divisiveness and fear.