Beware Of Trump



Beware Of Trump: Violence And Vulgarity May Ensue Bumper Sticker

is a 4″ x 4″ outdoor sticker

Lend your voice to the growing opposition to the Presidential Campaign of Donald Trump. Trump’s behavior and lack of substance on the issues makes him unqualified to be President Of The United States.

‘Beware Of Trump: Violence And Vulgarity May Ensue’ bumper sticker is a parody of the Trump campaign branding and attempts to ‘tell it like it is’ in a creative and thought provoking way to call out Trump campaign for what it is… a substance free propaganda charade, a circus that the media is all too willing to participate in. Trump does not care about the well being of you or me, our children, or this country. Trump cares about the well being of Trump and what’s good for Trump, that’s it. Don’t be fooled by this master manipulator.


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