grinning_lady_skull_by_root_concepts-d4ablx1Have you ever thought to yourself, “forget love, I want revenge?” Without a shadow of a doubt, the majority of us have, at one time or another, wished for, or actually behaved in such a way that fulfilled a sense retribution for a wrong we’ve been dealt. In fact, It’s human nature to want justice. If someone does you wrong, they should pay, right?

Leaving justice in the hands of the universe can feel like you’re giving a free pass, or a get-out-of-jail-free-card, which then seems to allow further behavior that continues to bring suffering.

Of course, It’s very easy to think that seeking revenge is the most expedient way to get back at another, and, with a more (seemingly) noble intention, make one see the light, since there’s immediate consequences to their actions. As Think Firstfulfilling as this can be in the short term, it’s worth thinking first before you act; there’s an important facet to this strategy that has the potential to backfire on your life.

But, I Want Justice NOW!

The very thought of leaving justice in the hands of an unseen force, or even a jury of your peers can leave us feeling as though we’ve little control. What if they get away with it? What if they do it again? What if they never change? By leaving justice in the hands of another, God, or simply karma, we are then forced to surrender the answer to these questions. Of course, this is not an easy place to reside. Remembering however, that there are laws that govern the universe, c_love_and_let_goyou can play an active role in making sure that the hurt you’ve been subjected to isn’t perpetuated by your actions, and as a result, bring even more pain to your life.

When I Hurt You, I Hurt Me

The law of cause and effect is a force that permeates the very fabric of the universe. For every action, there is an equal and opposite re-action. What this means for you, is that what you give to another, good or bad, will eventually make its way back to you. It’s also called the law of reciprocity. Simply stated, every seed sown produces results, and every result tends to be of the kind of seed that was sown. it’s also worth noting that, just like in nature, evYou Get What You Give Stickeren one small seed has the potential to produce thousands more of its kind.

Given that this is how nature responds, would you think it to be any different in your life? The potential here is that by seeking revenge in a way that causes another to suffer, is that you’ve then set yourself up for a cycle of pain and suffering as well, not realizing that it’s root actually stemmed from a seemingly isolated act of “revenge” and/or justice by your hands. The truth is that seeking revenge today might not produce painful consequences tomorrow, just as planting a seed today will not produce a harvest tomorrow, but good or bad, you can be sure that the harvest will come.

Invest in your Integrity

You Have More Power Than You Think

Trusting instead that the laws of the universe are just and pertain to our lives as well, we can be confident that by choosing to respond in a way that maintains the your highest level of integrity, you’ll then yield a result that allows for an outcome where the greatest good can occur, despite the perceived pain now. By choosing to respond in love and not revenge, you’re actually loving yourself and your future life –which actually, is the greatest power and control you can ever hope to possess.