by Jeff Daverman

Taking time to check my mind, align and find my center

Between my ears I purge my fears, the wicked shall not enter (x3)

Every morning a greeting, the moments are fleeting

I’m alive and I’m jiving, my heart is a-beating

‘Make your lives extraordinary’ said Mr. Keating

The day is for seizing, the needs are for meeting

Let those heartbeats count to the fullest amount

To get the most from the life you are living

‘There is no try’, Yoda’s wisdom apply

‘Til you die you will get what you’re giving

With respect to Jackie Robinson, number 42

No telling what would happen when he pulled on the Dodger blue

He took the diamond, it was rough… what did he proceed to do?

He scaled the slope, instilling hope in more than just a few

Bigotry dealing with integrity healing

Rookie of the year and home plate stealing

Reaching for the heights and busting through the ceiling

I live eternal now because heaven is a feeling

I cannot tell you how, that’s for you to be revealing

Through every moment thick and thin

You choose to snooze or be born again

I believe in compassion don’t believe in sin

In order to cash in

On skills and grace I do depend

Encourage each human

Start with your heart,

Begin within

It’s not about apart

Illumination is your friend

They’re just like you, you’re just like them

Beyond religion

Orientation, Or the color of your skin

What goes down in Maricopa ain’t meant to be subliminal

Tent city full of brown, yet Arpaio is the criminal

Like chinese food if I’m in the mood

Dispense the sweet and sour

No time to wait or take the bait, deflate the hate this hour

Activate and saturate

And cultivate this flower

It’s far too dry the reason why

We need a monsoon shower…

Not sinking or shrinking, blinking or dour

Nonviolent Revolution is what has the power

Chanting down and will surround

The negative devour

Here to stay, we’ll find a way

From the Beastro to

Trump Tower!

Nonviolent Revolution is alive and keeps on growing

Conscious evolution threads the thriving of the knowing

From Susan B. and Mahatma Gandhi,

to Dr. King and Mandela we learn

Nader led to Occupy and now I know you Feel The Bern!

That’s what I’m talking about

Jamming  poems I that I bring

Delivery unequivocally

Dropping news like Lakshmi Singh

Drop it in from deep just like I was Stephen Curry

To reach the peak is kinda steep, but Rasta Snail is in no hurry

May this critique wake those asleep and dissipate the worry

I do aspire to take it higher

And play with fire like Ray Bradbury

Flip on the light and out of sight watch the roaches scurry

Yes it might be kinda bright

But surely it ain’t blurry

Exposing truth like Edward Snowden

And ring them bells like Leonard Cohen

Teach the youth and so I’m showing

To whom this wisdom we are owing

Living into questions

Questions always apropos

I wonder and keep wondering

So I know that I will grow

You can question my suggestions

And you might just find the answer

That ignorance and prejudice

Are corrosive like a cancer

I’m grateful for my time and rhymes

This space of luminescence

Together shifting paradigms

As we move towards coalescence

I am grateful for your time and I

Am honored by your presence

Thank you for your attention

Now you’re covered

In ‘The Essence’