Resist_blogThe Resistance is strong and growing, one of the best ways to participate is to speak up and let your voice be heard. All over the U.S. and the world people are speaking up and getting involved in their local governments, we feel that being a conduit for self-expression is a way to work in solidarity–to see each other- and allow for the voice of the people to be heard in daily life.

We are resisting the attack on our rights and our environment, we will not let rampant greed, corruption, militarism, nationalism and racism go unquestioned. As we continue to produce ‘ideas of persistence’ we will indeed be persistent in encouraging and facilitating free expression for our customers and fans by providing these sparks of inspiration.

The Resistance Kit features our latest designs, giving you a voice in the heated politics and social issues that matter for the future of our nation and planet. The kit is comprised of 17 new designs and 21 new stickers, in the podcast episode at the top of this page I had fun talking a bit about The Resistance, The Resistance Kit and the designs below:

In Diversity We Trust


Diversity is strength, the ability to participate in a culture that offers a wide-range oto disagree, discuss, and communicate our differing opinions in invaluable. Collaboration is priceless, living in a society that embraces different ways of thinking and offers equal opportunity to all is critical to our collective success in rising to the challenges of our times.



empowered_blogThis sticker is dedicated to the empowerment of women and designed to allow empowered women to openly express themselves. We advocate for women’s voices to take a more predominant place in our society. We like helping women feel empowered and hope this contribution is an inspiration to empowered women.



This Sticker Kills Fascists

A nod to old school resister Woody Guthrie and the protection of our first amendment rights. These are things that are the bedrock of our society-to be able to express ourselves and practice our convictions in a free and open manner. ‘This Sticker Kills Fascists’ includes the text of the first amendment, the rights that guarantee us the freedoms we cherish and value and aren’t afraid to exercise!



Refuse To Hate

Refuse_To_Hate_blogThere’s a lot of passionate ideas glowing around these days and a lot of distrust that goes along with that. There are strong opinions and we all fail by mistreating each other. But even when we disagree, we need to remember that hatred is always counterproductive. By refusing to hate we diminish the idea of an enemy, we allow for compassion and empathy, refusing to hate is an act of love.


What Part Do You Play?

The Resistance is happening. It’s a resistance not simply to a president, but to divisiveness, deep seated hatred, and misinformation. The highest ideals ingrained into the citizens of United States come from a foundation that freedom and liberty become attainable in a diverse and inclusive society that allows a wide range of ideas.

What is your contribution at this important time in history? If you feel connected to these ideas and want to play a part in sharing your voice and your power, check out The Resistance Kit or get the latest Root Concepts individually here.