After much anticipation, the renovations of are complete!


We’re super pleased (and excited) to bring you a new and improved version of “Infamous Network presents: Root Concepts“. The new site features a beautiful new user-interface, cool Art Galleries, an ever growing Community page, and ‘The Word’, our blog of views, news, and notes. In addition to the roll-out of our new website, we are also thrilled to be debuting 13 new Root Concepts sticker designs for Fall 2014. Check them out here!




Our ongoing mission is simple…. to encourage free thinking, open mindedness and wonder.  Sharing independent art with inspiring messages and images that fosters deeper connection and understanding.


We aim to connect with and inspire like-minded folks who share in these same worthy goals.


Meet your host: Jeff Daverman, Artist and Entrepreneur


Since co-founding Infamous Network in 1996, Jeff Daverman has pursued his artistic passion to produce and share thought provoking, progressive ideas and images to an audience that values diversity, sustainability, social responsibility, consciousness and connection. He is an advocate of the 1st Amendment right to engage; to think, speak and act in ways that empower free expression.




Creatively expressing powerful ideas over the past 18 years has exponentially grown the fan base of Root Concepts art , drawing in a wide spectrum of supporters who resonate with the message and love how Root Concepts designs convey their own sentiments and values so perfectly!


As an independent artist, Jeff feels compelled to help facilitate free expression and is driven to produce art that fosters connection and responsibility by promoting the best attributes of humankind. In so doing, Root Concepts effectively act as a ‘counterbalance’ to the corporate media’s pursuit to inhibit and undermine these goals by treating people like mindless consumers.




“It all begins with the recognition of our inter-connectedness, the realization that we share one divine energy,” says Jeff, “Authentic connection begins when we are present to this energy and make choices based on love, with the understanding that healthy relationships are ultimately what matters in life.”


It is with this intention that Infamous Network continues to build and connect to an ever expanding community of supportive individuals and groups who see themselves represented in Root Concepts artwork and mission.


Stickers & ART: A Perfect Match


We offer Root Concepts designs on a variety of mediums, but our diverse and growing line of bumper stickers remain the most popular tried and true way our fans choose to express themselves! Independent Art and stickers continue to be a winning combination and here’s why…


Our fans know as well as we do that stickers are a fabulous way to add a personal touch to your surroundings. We also know that stickers are a uniquely special (and inexpensive!) way to share sentiments that convey positive messages in a creative way. Why? Because when you buy a Root Concepts sticker, not only are you supporting Independent Artists, but YOU are the one who gets to choose where that message lands.


Think about it, that is some real power.


So, whether your sharing your voice on a car bumper or a day planner, refrigerator, locker or laptop, Root Concepts stickers put ideas in your hands! Because of this, our fans love how they can showcase their own sentiments in a variety of diverse and unique places. Share them with your friends, share them with your enemies, use your imagination and connect to your world through the power of positive ideas on stickers!




So Much More Than Just Stickers…


“A big part of the reason I am so excited to unveil the new is because of how well it is going to showcase my artistic portfolio as a whole,” states Jeff with a wink and a smile, “I still love making stickers, but expanding my creativity beyond stickers and offering a wide variety of compelling images and products is an opportunity that any Independent Artist would be thrilled to have. I certainly do not take it for granted, I am overwhelmed with gratitude at all of the support and positive feedback that Root Concepts has received over the past 18 years. I love sharing my art, I feel like the best is yet to come!”


Indeed, Jeff and the Infamous Network team have many things brewing behind the scenes and are getting ready to roll out more new Independent Art and ideas in the near future. You can stay tuned and get savings by checking out our newsletter to get your 20% off coupon!


Visit our new Galleries:


Underwater_Fantasy_nb_gallery    Illumination_nb_gallery Birdbath_doodle_webHavasu Falls by Root Concepts


  • 2_22_14_flowers_ws
  • 4_13_14_path_doodle_ws
  • 4_27_14_doodle_ws
  • 4_29_14_path_doodle_ws
  • 5_1_14_doodle_ws
  • 5_24_14_slot_doodle_ws
  • 7_7_14_doodle_ws
  • 8_30_14_doodle_web_ws
  • AlbinoLadybugT-copy_ws
  • Amulet_3_18_14_ws
  • before_then_ws
  • Birdbath_doodle_ws
  • blue_abstract_1_21_14_ws
  • Doodlescape2013_Swamp_Land_ws
  • For_You_With_Love_ws
  • homage_to_all_that_lives_ws
  • magic_potion_ws
  • sc01098b6f-copy_ws
  • SistaSunshineT-copy_ws
  • The_Beginning_And_The_End-copy_ws
  • the_flame_cropped_ws
  • The_Timelessphere_ws
  • 2_15_14_Abstract_landscape_lake_pines_ws
  • 2_22_14_spiral_ws
  • abstract_mixedmedia_5_2_14_ws
  • AngelFish_web_ws
  • Cookies_Kill_ws
  • Elements_Of_LIfe_Totem_ws
  • fishing_with_dad_ws
  • Heart_ws
  • pyre-and-ice535w_ws
  • RastaLion_ws
  • sc00c119ad-copy_ws
  • sc003f73f7-copy_ws
  • Spiral_mixed_media_3_31_14_ws
  • Sun_Moon_Pine_Web_ws
  • Underwater_Fantasy_painting_ws
  • Underwater-Abstract-copy_ws
  • DiamondBuilding-copy_ws
  • EmeraldDiamonds-copy_ws
  • Flowers_Mkt_ws
  • Havasu_Falls_sepia-copy_ws
  • lady_skull-copy_ws
  • Lake_Michigan_sunset_ws
  • Lees_Ferry_canyon_ws
  • Monsoon_clouds-copy_ws
  • monsoon_rainbow-copy_ws
  • one_fine_day-copy_ws
  • PGH_web_ws
  • St_Francis-copy_ws
  • watson_lake-copy_ws
  • windmill_monsoon-copy_ws
  • 2_18_14_Mandala_Pattern_ws
  • 4_18_14_doodle_mandala_ws
  • 4_pieces_web_ws
  • 5_24_14_Kaleidoodle_ws
  • enchanted_medallion_mandala_ws
  • Illumination_web_ws
  • Kaleido_1_ws
  • Lotus_Jewel_ws
  • Mendhi-copy_ws
  • Radiance_Mandala_ws
  • Rasta_Snail_Mandala_ws
  • Silent_Epiphany_close_ws