kiva-tree2If you’ve ever wanted to make a difference toward the betterment of another’s life, micro-lending is an innovative way to provide small loans (and hope) to people without access to traditional banking systems. is the world’s most noteworthy platform to do just that.

Similar to the crowd funding concept, Kiva seeks to connect givers with receivers who would otherwise have little resources to turn to. The difference, however, is that Kiva does so from a crowd-funding/micro-lending perspective.

Extending micro-credit is an incredibly effective way to uplift people in poverty who may not otherwise have that opportunity. In essence, micro-lending allows many to contribute to an individual or group cause, the difference being, is that unlike crowd funding, it’s a loan that the recipient pays back. Kiva is micro-financing at its finest, changing 1000s of lives for the better every day.


Our most recent loan to Thuoi’s Group’s helps to pay for her children’s educational needs.

How Does it Work?

Kiva Lending is as simple as 1) Choose a Borrower 2) Make a $25 (or more) loan 3) Get Repaid 4) Repeat! Since Kiva was founded in 2005, there are 1,229,796 lenders, $628,808,525 in loans with a 98.82% repayment rate. Kiva bridges the gap, allowing borrowers in very remote regions of the world, to conflict zones, to aspiring youth and young entrepreneurs the opportunity to realize their dreams.

To learn more about micro-financing, click here.

Lending Teams

Neverbetter presents Infamous NetworkLending teams are self-organized groups where members can connect with one another and rally around shared lending goals. The Infamous Network lending team started in 2010 with the simple belief that you have to walk the talk. We wanted to do something tangible to give back, an outreach campaign to effectively connect with and influence our world in a deeper, personal way. Micro lending through Kiva was the perfect fit. To date, we’ve made 127 loans to various individuals and groups in multiple countries around the world who, like us all, “strive for and seek the best means possible to pursue their dreams with dignity along with the opportunity to support themselves and their family with integrity.” Learn more about the impact of our team here.

Meet just a few whose lives have  been impacted by the Infamous Network Team…


A loan of $2,850 helped Alfredo to stock up on the alpaca wool he uses in his apparel and accessories.


A loan of $950 helped Thoa to buy a juicer and repair her old motorcycle.


A portion of Rwamugooma Uwesso Grp Group’s $2,475 loan helped a member to hire labourers to plough her farm.

You are invited to be a part of the Infamous Network Kiva lending team!

Help us make contributions to the well-being of many hard working women and men all over the world who need an opportunity, a break, a chance to reach their highest potential. Micro-lending is a tangible way we can pool our resources to enrich others with less privilege.  There are two ways you can be a part of the team:

The first is to make a donation to via the Nonviolent Revolutionaries Tribute Fund. We collect and pool the donations and then lend (and re-lend) them to Kiva. We make this available so you can be a part with a donation size of your choice. As a token of gratitude for your positive contribution you will receive from us a packet of free stickers…. small portraits of some of the worlds most influential Nonviolent Revolutionaries: Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Teresa, The Dalai Lama, and Bob Marley. These great individuals are examples we can all look to, reminding us that regardless of the challenges we face, anything is possible.

nonviolent revolutionaries

The second way is to accept this invitation to join the Infamous Network Team on, lend directly through Kiva, and pool the money you lend with the other members of our team. We will send a Nonviolent Revolutionaries Tribute sticker pack to you, and together we will watch our impact grow!

Make a Difference Today! Join Our Kiva Team!